Ethanol industry is looking at pushing for allowing E15 and higher blends. A year old motorcycle is generally still a perfectly good daily driver. The concern I have with E15, E20, and whatever else will be coming is that most older vehicles, in my experience, do NOT run well on them.

What is the difference between E100 and E85 in fuel efficiency?

Pretty much, anything with a carburetor is going to run poorly, and the more ethanol you add, the worse it will run. You need more fuel volume for a given air amount with ethanol, and a carburetor or older fuel injection system doesn't know how to do this. Is there any real way around this?

It doesn't affect me much right now, as 87 octane in Iowa is still straight gas, but most other states I go, I have to fill up with E10, and the difference in vehicle performance is noticeable. Why is there such a strong lobby to use Ethanol? What pauli said - the ethanol mandates are basically farm state subsidies in a different form. It drives corn prices up, produces jobs ethanol plants are sprouting up like weeds around hereand And if your car won't run on it, I get the impression that the general solution is "Well, buy a hybrid, then!

If you build an engine strictly for E85 use, you can bump the compression ratio up to Ethanol fuels get worse gas mileage as they are less energy dense than gasoline. I can always tell when the "winter" gas has arrived at the station where I fill.

Ethanol plant demand has already crashed, hard. More isn't better when the RoEI of ethanol is orders of magnitude less than petrol. Even the oft-fantasized darling "switchgrass ethanol" is vastly, vastly less efficient than oil. Therefore straight gasoline is obtainable, although how obtainable varies widely across the U.

In some States you won't see any ethanol, in others virtually everything has it except for the occasional pump touting pure gas. This is a good thing for vintage and older vehicles whose fuel systems or design won't tolerate alcohol. West German Stihl chainsaws used to use a magnesium chassis, which doubled as the fuel tank.

When ethanol was first supplied in gas in the U.You may not know a lot about biofuels, and we understand you might have a few questions. Ethanol is a renewable, earth-friendly biofuel made from plants. Most ethanol is currently made from corn, but new technologies allow ethanol to be created from other materials like wood chips and agricultural waste.

Ethanol is blended into gasoline — 97 percent of the gasoline sold in the U. Ethanol burns cleaner and cooler than oil, which is good for our environment and our car engines. And the higher the ethanol content in gasoline, the greater the benefits. Ethanol is a great American success story.

It burns cleaner and cooler than oil and increases octane, which is good for our environment and our car engines. The industry also supports overhigh-tech, green American jobs, driving billions of dollars of economic activity across the U.

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Without biofuels, we would turn back the clock by adding chemicals that produce cancer- and smog-causing emissions back into gasoline, once again becoming more dependent on foreign oil and paying higher prices for gas. Unleaded 88 is a blend of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent regular gasoline. Right now, almost every gas station in America sells a 10 percent blend, but many more are starting to offer Unleaded 88, which is great news.

Unleaded 88 is approved for any vehicle manufactured since — nearly 9 out of 10 cars on the road today — and it contains more ethanol, which means lower prices, cleaner air and better performance.

It is a popular, affordable option for flex-fuel vehicle owners. Biofuels like ethanol replace harmful carcinogens and toxic additives that can be found in petroleum-based fuels, while providing a naturally high octane. Unleaded 88 is approved for all passenger cars, light duty trucks, and medium-duty passenger vehicles and newer — nearly 9 out of 10 cars on the road today. Most automakers, including all of the Big Three, now explicitly warranty Unleaded 88 for all new models.

Consumers have driven over 8 billion miles using Unleaded 88 without a single reported negative effect. The facts are clear. There has never been an instance of a warranty being voided over the use of Unleaded A flex-fuel vehicle FFV is a vehicle designed to operate on any ethanol blend, ranging from E10 to E Today, there are more than Enter your vehicle make, model and year here. Unleaded 88 can be purchased in 29 states, and that number is growing.

Use our Biofuel Finder tool to help locate the Unleaded 88 station nearest you. Standard E10 ethanol blends are safe to use in all engines, including boats, motorcycles and outdoor equipment. Under federal law, some small equipment should not be fueled with higher blends, and that is why all those pumps are clearly labeled.

So does the National Boat Racing Association. Biofuels like ethanol are a major part of the reason gas is less expensive than just a few years ago. About 10 percent of our fuel is already ethanol, and the more we can cut our reliance on foreign oil, the less we have to worry about the next crisis overseas. Today, the U. About one-fourth of that is still imported from countries in the Middle East.

Ethanol is an earth-friendly biofuel that cuts carbon emissions from 43 to percent or more, depending on the feedstock — and this percentage continues to increase with ongoing innovations in advanced biofuels. Without biofuels like ethanol, chemicals that produce cancer-causing emissions would still be added to gasoline. The Department of Energy predicts that this will be a new record year for gasoline consumption, and the more we can replace that energy with clean-burning biofuels, the better.

According to the USDA, ethanol is more energy efficient to produce than gasoline. For every 1 Btu of energy used to make ethanol, ethanol provides a 2. The ethanol industry does not receive federal subsidies.Forums New Posts Trending.

Common ethanol fuel mixtures

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When is E85 not 85 percent ethanol? When it's E70 with an E85 sticker on it

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. E30 mixing chart. Thread starter Alex Stratified Start date Nov 19, Trader history for Alex Stratified 0 1 2 Next.

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Alex Stratified Member Vendor. Nov 19, Messages Likes Location Richmond. E30 fuel mixes are a great thing to have. Maximizing performance without knock while still keeping the stock fuel system within reasonable operating bounds and not having to worry about gumming up the high pressure fuel pumps. We have a lot of customers using these mixtures with our tunes and we are often asked how to maintain the mixture in the tank.

Because not everyone goes right to empty before filling up and few people have an ethanol sensor installed, we created a table that shows how to maintain the E30 blend when filling up with different amounts. Keep in mind that this table is correct when using E10 pump premium fuel most common and E85 fuel. Keep this little chart in your phone for reference. This chart tells you how much E85 to mix with 93 at the time you are filling to achieve the E30 mixture.

If you are filling with E85 for the first, time, the total amount you are filling is the size of your tank. Messages 3, Likes 1, Location Fairview Heights. Pretty good little chart. That number is how much fuel you can put in to get very close to full without distorting the blend. It sounds complicated, but it's really quick and simple math. Once you have your Em, round it down.

Take that number and refer to this nifty little chart.In this article, I will be explaining to you how the fuel pump actually works, what possible fault codes you might encounter and how to properly diagnose the system plus show you how to replace it.

For me, when I see a car in the back of a flatbed I get excited about two reasons. This particular vehicle has about ,K miles on the instrument cluster so its no surprise the pump failed and actually lasted this long. Most of the time when mechanics get fault codes like this they usually make the mistake of assuming that the pump has in fact failed and start the replacement process.

I started studying and reading my butt off and soaked in all the information I can get from my automotive textbook and watched countless youtube videos on technical topics of everything automotive technology. For this article and case study, the spoiler alert here is that the low-pressure fuel pump has in fact died and I did end up replacing it.

The installation location for the BMW EKP fuel pump control unit for the E60 is located on the passenger side rear trunk space behind the upholstery cover as you can see in the picture below. Once you have removed the cover the module will be exposed and will be fastened by two 10mm nuts. For the BMW E63 and E64 models, the control module is located on the base plate underneath the rear seat.

The actual EKP fuel control module stores the required fuel maps in order for the car to run properly. It uses the fuel mappings as the basis to calculate the correct fuel amount to be used when the DME demands it and the volume it wants. This type of functionality is achieved by a pulse width modulated voltage supply from the control module. The actual speed and RPM of the low pressure in tank pump is controlled this way and it has become standard technology as BMW moves forward with their vehicles.

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So basically the control unit sends a voltage supply to the pump via pulse width modulated current. Scope pattern of the fuel pump looks like waves and that is produced by the number of existing commutator segments and the RPM of the unit. The picture above was taken after I actually changed the low-pressure side fuel pump and its a perfect example of a good looking fuel pump wave pattern of the commutator segments.

For this, I snapped a picture using my snap-on vantage two channel scope and uploaded it from the machine to my computer.

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I love technology. Now for the meat and potatoes of this article. Some of the symptoms of the pump actually failing I have listed in my other article called BMW E46 fuel pump replacement done right professionally so you can check that out for a reference.

how to make e50 fuel

First thing is first we have to verify the problem but that was easy because I knew it did not start to begin with so next step in the direction I wanted to take with this car was to check the actual fuse located in the trunk. The fuse for the low-pressure fuel pump is number 72 and good thing I checked there first because I found the fuse blown which indicated an obvious problem.

Burn Test #2! E0-E10-E30-E50-E85 YOU are being tricked

Most of the time when a fuse is blown it is usually due to a short to ground or excessive current within that circuit so I already had an idea where I was going to go with this diagnostic procedure.

After I found this blown fuse I went ahead and replaced that fuse with a good one I sat in the driver seat and cranked away at the ignition switch only to result in the fuse being blown again. Next step I did was to replace the blown fuse again but not start the car. The picture below shows a zero psi reading with a new fuse in the circuit and just placing the ignition switch in the on position. After re-confirming that there is no fuel pressure whatsoever coming from the fuel pump with the ignition switch being turned on I went ahead and tried starting the car again only to have another fuse being blown and no movement from the needle of my fuel pressure gauge.

At the same time if you do have access to a proper scan tool like the one I use in my case studies then pull up the data PID for fuel readings like the picture below and take note that no pressure is present upon key on engine off. Now we are definitely moving in the right direction. After removing the back seat you will notice two black covers underneath a carpet like material.

Remove all eight 10MM nuts and you will see the top of the fuel tank and both units installed in them with the famous BMW lock ring holding them in place. The picture below is the actual fuel pump unit on the passenger side with the black cover removed and exposed.

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That is the fuel pump and the connector coming from the EKP control unit. BMW did great by placing the module near the pump to save the length of wire. Next step I took was to remove the connector and remove the actual lock ring holding the pump in place in the fuel tank.Several common ethanol fuel mixtures are in use around the world. The use of pure hydrous or anhydrous ethanol in internal combustion engines ICEs is only possible if the engines are designed or modified for that purpose, and used only in automobileslight-duty trucks and motorcycles.

Anhydrous ethanol can be blended with gasoline petrol for use in gasoline engines, but with high ethanol content only after minor engine modifications. Low-ethanol blends, from E5 to E25, although internationally the most common use of the term refers to the E10 blend. E85 is commonly used in the U. Hydrous ethanol or E is used in Brazilian neat ethanol vehicles and flex-fuel light vehicles and hydrous E15 called hE15 for modern petrol cars in the Netherlands. E10 blends are typically rated as being 2 to 3 octane numbers higher than regular gasoline and are approved for use in all new U.

Other common blends include E5 and E7. These concentrations are generally safe for recent engines that should run on pure gasoline. One measure of alternative fuels in the U. Inthe U. E10 and other blends of ethanol are considered to be useful in decreasing U. A study conducted by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland found practically no difference in fuel consumption in normal driving conditions between commercial gasoline grades 95E10 and 98E5 sold in Finland, despite the public perception that fuel consumption is significantly higher with 95E VTT performed the comparison test under controlled laboratory conditions and their measurements showed the cars tested used an average of The difference was 0.

When the measurements are normalized, the difference becomes 1.

how to make e50 fuel

This is generally the highest ratio of ethanol to gasoline that is possible to use in vehicles recommended by some auto manufacturers to run on E10 in the US.

As a result of the Energy Independence and Security Act ofwhich mandates an increase in renewable fuels for the transport sector, the U.

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Department of Energy began assessments for the feasibility of using intermediate ethanol blends in the existing vehicle fleet as a way to allow higher consumption of ethanol fuel. In Marcha lobbying group from the ethanol industry, Growth Energy, formally requested the U.

The EPA also decided not to grant any waiver for E15 use in any motorcycles, heavy-duty vehicles, or nonroad engines because current testing data do not support such a waiver.Posted by forcefed86Oct 27, Featured Products from our Supporting Vendors.

Activity Feed DSMtuners. Join the Community! Chat with others, create a build thread, post questions and answers. Get involved! Logging in will also remove many of the advertisements, along with this notice. Using lower percentages of ethanol E20,E30,E50 Posted by forcefed86Oct 27, Oct 27, 1. Few of them local at our drag strip. I'm finishing an HX setup at the moment and the thought of running huge injectors and re-vamping the whole fuel system rubs me the wrong way.

Unfortunately they don't have e50 at the pumps here. As I believe that would be the perfect mix for my hp goals. I'm wondering how far I can push E You never hear anything about the lesser blends.

Would be a huge advantage if we could squeak by with e30 over e85 though. Run single wally or similar with out fear of it falling short. Could run reasonable sized injectors for great driveability Retain the factory fuel line setup pick up gas mileage lower blends never change ehtanol percentages easy tuning Just a thought I may end up trying it out.

how to make e50 fuel

I'm tired of the crappo mileage anyway. Last edited by a moderator: Jul 10, Buy at FealSuspensionStore.Which needs to come first, a new high-octane midlevel ethanol blend or new vehicles optimized to more efficiently take advantage of the higher octane content? In fact, vehicles optimized for the new fuel could be manufactured today. There's just too many parties that need to be in agreement. The goal of the U. DOE-sponsored scoping study was to assess the potential of an E25 to E40 mid-level blend.

In mid-January researchers were wrapping things up, preparing to provide a short, high-level summary to the DOE. The last of the data will be released in publications within the next year, West says. Up next is the Optima initiative, which will focus on developing new, co-optimized fuels and engines to maximize performance and carbon efficiency. While the high-octane fuel study focused specifically on ethanol, Optima will look at fuels like ethanol as well as other high-octane fuels, as well as fuels for advanced compression engines, Thiess says.

Significant Findings The high-octane fuel study found that E25 and E40—when used to fuel a vehicle optimized for the blend—could achieve volumetric fuel-economy parity with E In other words, each additional gallon of ethanol added would displace a full gallon of gasoline and fuel economy would be the same as one of today's vehicles using E Vehicle efficiency would also increase, at 5 percent for E25 and 10 percent for E Of course, fuel economy varies according to multiple factors, such as how fast the vehicle is driven and engine design.

If corn stover were the feedstock, E40 achieved a 32 percent GHG emission reduction. For example, a market analysis concluded that high-octane vehicles could make up 43 to 79 percent of light-duty vehicle stock by Another thing NREL completed was an infrastructure assessment.

That's what's exciting to Thiess about the high-octane fuel study. When ethanol is traditionally priced a little less than gasoline, we can get a fuel that is a little bit less because we are using less petroleum and more ethanol. We're showing that we'd get pretty nice greenhouse gas emission reductions. We're showing that the vehicle manufacturers would be favorably inclined to build those vehicles. We're showing that the biofuel infrastructure could pretty much be adapted to handle it.

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